Environmental house builds

At Orchard Homes we aim to create unique homes which resonate in profound luxury and timeless interiors. Our commitment to the environmental impact of the construction of our homes and their ongoing sustainability is something we actively promote in all that we do.

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What we do

From the initial design through to how you are going to live in one of our homes, we consider the environmental impact of our design, materials and finishes. We are committed to building homes that are both beautiful and ecologically sustainable. Through constant innovation and considered use of technology, we aim to exceed current standards, where possible, so that our homes will be energy efficient and continue to have a low impact on the environment.

Each Orchard Home comes with a predicted energy report.

How we do it

The Government has set a Code for Sustainable Homes and Orchard Homes have pledged to build homes that exceed the terms of Code 3 or 4. This means we are improving thermal efficiency of the walls, windows and roofs, installing high efficiency condensing boilers and low carbon technologies, such as photovoltaic tiles to help heat water, which all help to reduce carbon emissions. We also insist that our suppliers, building methods and materials adhere or exceed our standards and we monitor them to ensure compliance. We also use local materials wherever possible..

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How you benefit

At Orchard Homes we carefully consider the needs of each development, as such we landscape the grounds, add butts to collect rainwater, introduce wildlife boxes, plant a wide variety of plants, build children’s play areas, shrubs and trees to attract butterflies, bees and birds, rotary clothes dryers, composting sites and sustainable drainage systems. Inside the homes, all the kitchen appliances are Class A energy efficient, have segregated waste bins, thermal efficiencies and, in some cases, we introduce heat recovery systems and Air Source heat pumps, all of which means reduced energy bills and good EPC ratings.

There’s more to Orchard Homes

Homes To Rent

Homes to Rent

We operate the same standards of care and professionalism across our rental homes which are found in central Norwich and neighbouring villages. Explore our residential and student homes to rent. See more details here.

Bespoke Orchard Home

Bespoke Builds

We undertake existing home renovations as well as work with clients to design and build new homes tailored to their individual requirements on their own sites. See more details here.

We buy land

We Buy Land

Do you think that your land may be suitable for residential development? Feel free to give us a ring for a no obligation chat. See more details here.