Complex Builds

We won’t compromise on style or functionality in the face of building complications. Over the many years we’ve been building, we’ve overcome challenges to achieve as close to perfection as we can make it. Here are some of our most proudest achievements.

Reduce dug out at Manor Barn

The plot of land on which we built Manor Barn is found on a slight slope and so we were required to excavate a considerable amount of soil and use steel work to support the impressive five bedroom two-storey home.

Complex foundations at Shoemakers

When building our first student accommodation close to the University of East Anglia, we experienced several ground issues due to building over the old footprint and the cellars that were found in the old pub.

Traffic management challenges at Trinity Court

Trinity Court is situated on Trinity Street next to a supermarket near the corner of one of the busiest roads in Norwich city centre.This complex build of rental apartments saw us overcome challenges with traffic management and site access.

Roofing challenges at East Tuddenham

The challenge of these houses was to keep all the ceiling heights of the first floors continuing to the underside of the roof without any visually obvious structural ties.

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