We buy land

At Orchard Homes we aim to create unique homes which resonate in profound luxury and timeless interiors. Our commitment to the environmental impact of the construction of our homes and their ongoing sustainability is something we actively promote in all that we do.

parcel of land

What we look for

  • Land located in Norfolk or Suffolk
  • Brownfield (previously built-on) or greenfield sites.
  • Potential for anything from one dwelling to sites up to 50 units.
  • Residential or mixed use sites. New build or conversions (including barns, warehouses etc).

What we do

We have worked hard to achieve a reputation for building high-quality homes that we, and our buyers are proud of. We have been building new homes in Norfolk and Suffolk for the last 33 years, and have nurtured relationships with local architects, estate agents, planners, tradesmen, consultants and many more. This has enabled us to gain planning permissions on a number of sites over the years where others have been unable to succeed.

East Tuddenham
Playground Hethersett

Adding value to the surroundings

Maintaining Norfolk and Suffolk’s outstanding natural beauty is always at the forefront of our plans, and building a development that blends in, and is sensitive to these surroundings is of paramount importance to us. We have developed several sites over the years purchased from land owners that have approached us to buy their land. They have wanted an Orchard Home beside them, which is a reputation for quality that we are very proud of.

The planning process in Norfolk and Suffolk

The planning process can be a minefield, but with our expert team, we have the capability to deliver a smooth and straightforward process. This starts from our first point of contact with you, right through to the project’s completion and planning approval.



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