Trinity Court

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Our aim is to build houses that owners feel proud to call home. Every Orchard home has a well landscaped driveway, with planted hedgerows or flowerbeds, and a garage or carport. We set the foundations to enable you to inject your personal touch into your new home.

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Shoemaker Court

Shoemakers Court

We combine the very latest product trends with individual lifestyle requirements to ensure that the finished kitchen is a perfect blend of form and function. Our aim is to design beautiful kitchens that perform well, and are an extension of your personality. We can work with you to design your ideal space.

Bond Street

Bond Street, Norwich

Open-plan living has become part of our everyday lives and it’s popularity has ensured that we factor this into every new build. Considered layouts and clever decorating ideas keep these multi-functional family spaces looking separate but seamless.

Old Tram Yard

Old Tram Yard, Norwich

Since we spend around one third of our lives in bed, we understand the importance of having a bedroom that’s as beautiful and practical as possible. We design the space with you in mind, from plentiful plug sockets, to built in wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms. Some even come with walk-in wardrobes or balconies.

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Trinity Court

Trinity Court, Norwich

A bathroom should evoke the mood and sensation of deep relaxation. We will choose a bathroom that goes hand in hand with your lifestyle adding greater comfort and sense of well-being.

Avenue Road Wymondham

Avenue Road, Wymondham

We create a unique outdoor living environment to fit the character and personality of each home. Our main objective is to offer an exciting and unique design, tailored to your desired style of living.

The Meadows Hethersett

The Meadows, Hethersett

We invest a lot of thought into installing the right exterior lighting onto the house and in the driveway, to ensure your house comes alive at night and looks just as fantastic as it does in the daytime.